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2018 Graduate Catalog 
2018 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]



Fees and Expenses

Housing, food service, and instructional fees are assessed for payment prior to the beginning of the semester. Rates are set by action of the Board of Governors and are subject to change. Information regarding fees and expenses is available from the Office of Student Financial Services (Ward Edwards 1100, 660-543-8266).

University Fees

Please refer to the Tuition and Fees section of the Student Financial Services website for the current fees.

Missouri Residency - Questions regarding Missouri residency should be directed to the Graduate and International Student Services office, Ward Edwards 1800.

Off Campus and Online Classes - Fees vary for courses offered off-site and through the use of distance learning technologies.  Refer to the Tuition and Fees section of the Student Financial Services website for the current fees.

Textbook Fees - The fees indicated above do not include the cost of textbooks. Graduate students usually will purchase textbooks; however, if available, some textbooks may be rented for a fee.

Please refer to the University Store for information on rental charges and other textbook-related information.

Special Fees

The following fees are paid only for special purposes or because of certain conditions.

Graduation Fee (billed to all students during their final semester) $50.00
Graduate Hood Fee (only for those participating in commencement) $25.00
Walk Early Fee $50.00
Walk Late Fee (per each semester late) $50.00
Early or late final examination fee per final (by permission) $10.00
Transcript Review Fee for Teacher Certification $35.00
Transcript (per official copy) $10.00
Electronic Diploma (paper diploma included in regular graduation fee) $10.00

Supplemental Course Fees

Certain courses and programs require supplementary fees, materials, supplies, and activities at additional expense to the student.

Determination of Missouri Residency for Fee Purposes

The Missouri Department of Higher Education has issued regulations to be applied by Missouri universities to determine the resident status of students. This regulation is available at 6 Code of State Regulations 10-3.010. The burden of proof in establishing residency rests with the student. Students who are legal minors or tax-dependents whose parents reside outside the state of Missouri are not eligible for resident fee paying status. One can be classified as a resident for fee purposes immediately upon moving to the state if the move is to accept full-time employment (or if one is the dependent of someone who came to Missouri to accept full-time employment.) In other situations, continuous domiciliary presence in the state for 12 months must be proven and sufficient proof of intent to be domiciled in Missouri permanently must be provided. Residency is determined by each educational institution. Residency for attendance at a community college, obtaining a driver’s license or serving in the Missouri Guard will not necessarily mean a residency determination for fee purposes at UCM.

Applications and additional information are available for graduate students in the Graduate and International Student Services office (Ward Edwards 1800, 660-543-4621).

Financial Responsibility

Students are responsible for paying all charges incurred due to class enrollment, room and board choices, and fines. Payment for a semester’s cost is due in full approximately ten days before the semester begins. Full payment dates are published in the UCM Student Handbook, on the Office of Student Financial Services website, and on the student billing statement.  One paper billing statement is mailed each semester.  All subsequent billing statements are available online in MyCentral.  Non-payment of charges or failure to make payment arrangements by the due date will result in additional fees being charged and may result in classes being dropped. Payment plan fees are added to the student account each month that payment is not made when due. Collection costs are assessed if collection action becomes necessary. For additional information regarding the payment of charges, visit

Refund Policy

Reduced Load. Refunds of instructional fees for student-initiated reduction in class load will be processed after the third week of classes. Refund deadlines may vary per class based on the start and end dates of the course. Students should consult the dates available in MyCentral for the specific refund deadlines for each of their courses. These are available in the “Student Services” tab, at the “Check Refund and Withdrawal Dates” link.

No refund of instructional fees will be made for student-initiated reduction in class load after the last day to drop with a 25% refund.

If a fee amount would be reduced due to load changes caused by failure of classes to materialize or class cancellation by the university, a full refund for that class will be made.

NOTE: A federal financial aid recipient who drops to less than half-time enrollment status should be aware that depending on his/her class attendance records, some or all of the assistance credited to the student’s UCM account for the semester may have to be reversed.

NOTE: Students participating in a Study Abroad program, when permitted to withdraw from a course, will not receive any refund.

The following refund schedule for instructional fees applies:

For fall and spring semester full-semester classes (16 weeks)*:

  • Withdrawal during the first four days of classes: full refund
  • Withdrawal during day five through day eight of classes: 50 percent refund
  • Withdrawal during day nine through day twelve of classes: 25 percent refund

For fall and spring semester half-semester classes (8 weeks); summer 8-week (session S9K) and 12-week (session SFM) classes*:

  • Withdrawal during the first three days of classes: full refund
  • Withdrawal during day four through day six of classes: 50 percent refund
  • Withdrawal during day seven through day nine of classes: 25 percent refund

For classes in any semester that are 7 weeks or less*:

  • Withdrawal during the first two days of classes: full refund
  • Withdrawal during the third day of classes: 50 percent refund
  • Withdrawal during the fourth day of classes: 25 percent refund

For off-schedule classes*:

The refund (100%, 50%, and 25%) schedule for off-schedule classes depends on the course start and end dates. Students can find the deadlines for their particular courses online in MyCentral. Go to the “Student Services” tab and choose “Check Refund and Withdrawal Dates”.

*Holidays, student breaks, and weekend days are not included in the refund schedules.

NOTE: In accordance with federal regulations, a financial aid recipient who officially or unofficially withdraws from UCM may be required to repay some or all of the grant and loan assistance credited to his or her UCM account, based on the date of withdrawal and last date of class attendance/participation for the semester.

Refund Appeals. A student who has completely withdrawn from UCM (all classes in a semester) and believes that a refund greater than the established schedule states should be issued may submit a written request to the Office of Student Experience and Engagement (ADM 214, 660-543-4114). Graduate students who have dropped one or more courses for a semester, but not all classes may petition the Registrar’s Office.  An online petition for reduced load appeals is available at: The reasons and unusual circumstances believed to justify a larger refund must be outlined in the written request. All requests for refunds must be submitted within two weeks of the end of the semester for which the fees were paid. Appeals for refunds associated with complete withdrawals must be submitted in writing to the Office of Student Experience and Engagement.

For the most current information on the Refund Policy, please see

Withdrawal. Students who find it necessary to withdraw from UCM (drop all courses in a semester) must complete the withdrawal survey located in MyCentral in the Student Services tab to initiate the withdrawal. For additional information please contact the Office of Enrollment Management (WDE 1000, 660-543-4644). International students must notify the International Center (Elliott Union 302, 660-543-4195) prior to beginning the process of withdrawal from the university.