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2022-2023 Graduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Biology, MS (53-382) (30 hours)

Student Learning Outcomes - The graduate with a Master of Science degree in Biology will use the knowledge and skills obtained in the program to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the theories and principles of biology and of the development of biology as a discipline in the student’s area of specialization.
  • Utilize the language and concepts of biology effectively in oral and written presentations.
  • Select, apply, and interpret appropriate metrics and analyses to resolve biological issues and problems in the student’s area of specialization.

Thesis Option: Develop, implement and carry through to completion original research by utilizing the language and concepts of biology effectively in oral and written presentations.
Non-thesis Option: Develop knowledge base, oral and written communication, and critical thinking skills.

Preference for admission to the program is given to prospective students with the following:

  • Have a minimum of 30 semester hours in biology, 8 hours of chemistry and a statistics course.
  • Have a minimum 2.75 GPA overall.
  • GRE is optional for applicants to the program but required for those wishing to apply for a teaching Graduate Assistantship position (more information below).
  • Provide three letters of recommendation.
  • Submit a statement of purpose and intent, which includes 1) the proposed area of research/project (thesis option) or general area of interest (non-thesis option), 2) faculty member(s) involved, and how the project fits with the faculty member’s area of expertise, as well as 3) the student’s goals.
  • The UCM Biology faculty member agreeing to serve as the primary advisor will provide documentation of this agreement (Advisor Document) to the applicant.

Applicants may still be considered if one or more criteria are not met, but additional emphasis may be placed on the remaining requirements. Students provisionally admitted into the program are expected to fulfill deficiencies in coursework within the first year.

The graduate student must have a faculty member commit to serving as the primary advisor prior to admission. Prior to submitting an application to the graduate program, applicants should contact faculty members within Biology that have shared interests to determine available space within the respective faculty member’s lab. Students may take graduate courses once accepted by UCM Graduate Studies, but MUST have an advisor before acceptance into this degree program.

Applications to the Biology MS Program will be accepted on a continuous basis (no deadlines).  Review of applications will occur periodically but applications need to be completed by the priority date to receive full consideration for a teaching Graduate Assistantship position.

Priority date for Fall admissions: February 15
Priority date for Spring admissions: September 15

If program application dates are missed, the applicant may request their packet be forwarded to the next semester for consideration.

A student must submit a written thesis and present a research seminar (thesis option) or pass an exam based on coursework (non-thesis option).

All biology graduate students must comply with “The Graduate Guide” and all university and Biology policies.

Students who have already taken a 4000 level course as an UCM undergraduate student may not repeat any 5000 level co-listed courses for credit, hours, or advancement towards any degree or certificate in the Biology Program.

Thesis students must present their project to the faculty on either the Friday before break of the Fall or Spring semester, each year, to show progression in their program.

Choose Thesis or Non-Thesis Area: 21 Semester Hours

Thesis Area

Approved Graudate Electives in Biology: 17 Semester Hours

Non-Thesis Area

Approved Graudate Electives in Biology: 21 Semester Hours

Minimum Graduate Hour Total: 30 Semester Hours


In addition to the school degree requirements, the following University requirements must be satisfied: a student is limited to a maximum of 6 semester hours of credit in BIOL 5955 , BIOL 5956 , and BIOL 5951  combined that can apply to a degree on a Master’s degree program.