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2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Study Abroad

UCM strongly believes that students should gain a global perspective with their educational experience.  In order to facilitate this goal, the Study Abroad Office offers opportunities to study internationally and earn credits that count toward virtually every program of study at UCM.  The mission of the Study Abroad Program at UCM is to provide high quality opportunities that are convenient, affordable, and aligned with the demands of a globalized society. At UCM, every student can study abroad affordably, gain a valuable global perspective, and still graduate in 4 years.  More information about the Study Abroad Program can be obtained from the Center for Global Education in Elliott Union 302. Students can also visit ucmo.edu/studyabroad or call 660-543-4195.

General Information about the Study Abroad Program

  1. In order to study abroad, students must be in good academic standing and have completed at least 24 credit hours of college experience.  There are also options for graduate students.

  2. The Study Abroad Office offers 3 types of programs:

    • Exchange Programs: UCM partners with over 20 institutions worldwide to offer high-quality academic programs in our high-demand fields of study.  Students pay UCM tuition and earn UCM credit.

    • 3rd Party-Providers: UCM works with trusted providers like ISA and ISEP to provide students with opportunities to study in over 300 institutions located in 65 countries.  Students pay a program fee that usually includes tuition and earn credits that are transferable to UCM.

    • Short-Term Faculty-Led Programs: Students can travel abroad with a UCM faculty director and fellow UCM students and participate in courses specially designed to enhance international experiences, foster critical thinking, and engage cultural differences.

  3. Students can study abroad for one semester, a full academic year, or over the summer, spring, or winter breaks.

  4. Additionally, the Study Abroad Office supports academic service-learning abroad, independent research abroad, international internships and co-curricular experiences abroad that incorporate academic content.

  5. The Study Abroad office reviews student transcripts from abroad and submits course equivalencies to the Registrar, usually within 3 months of returning.

  6. Students should be aware that studying abroad in their final semester of study will likely delay graduation.

  7. Students who plan to study on a UCM-sponsored Study Abroad program may elect to take the courses completed abroad as pass/fail or letter grade credit, and any degree requirement substitutions will require approval if pass/fail is desired.

  8. In most cases, students maintain a full-time course load while participating in Fall or Spring Study Abroad.

  9. UCM students are eligible to receive an International Studies Grant of up to $1000. Additional Foundation scholarships for study abroad are offered through UCM Scholarship Finder: https://ucmo.academicworks.com/.  Information about these and other scholarship opportunities is available at the Study Abroad office.

  10. Students participating in a Study Abroad program, when permitted to withdraw from a course, will not receive any refund from UCM.

In order to participate in the UCM Study Abroad Program, please:

  1. Attend a Study Abroad 101 information session to learn about the online application process, specific opportunities, costs, grants and scholarships, course equivalencies, travel, passport and visa information, and much more.

  2. Research UCM study abroad options online by clicking “MyCGE” at ucmo.edu/cge.

  3. Meet with a study abroad advisor to discuss your academic needs, financial considerations, and receive passport, visa and health/safety and travel advising.

  4. Consult your academic or program advisor.

  5. Consult Student Financial Services.

  6. Apply to the program of your choice online by clicking “MyCGE” at ucmo.edu/cge.

  7. If applicable, apply at that program’s website.

  8. Attend a study abroad Pre-Departure Orientation.

  9. If applicable, attend a Visa Workshop and learn how to obtain a visa.

  10. Purchase airfare, acquire a visa if needed, and pack light!

  11. Be sure to maintain academic progress abroad.

  12. Lastly, enjoy your study abroad experience!