Jun 13, 2024  
2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog 
2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog

Transfer Course Equivalencies

We want to make the transition as smooth as possible. Work with our transfer coordinator as soon as you enroll at a community college. We will help you to make sure you are enrolling in the correct classes even before you are ready to transfer to UCM!

Use our transfer course equivalencies and General Education/CORE 42 transfer guides to your advantage!  UCM has a number of resources available to you to make your transition as easy as possible. You can check our database or Transfer Course Eqivalencies with thousands of classes to see how your credit will transfer to UCM. Let us help make your transfer to UCM great!

These General Education/CORE 42 guides are based on the UCM 2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog and are subject to change. These guides are a recommendation only and your actual program may vary. Time to degree completion and course sequencing will depend on any credits transferred to UCM and on planned placement in math, reading, and writing. Refer to the UCM Undergraduate Catalog for a complete listing of academic policies, curriculum, prerequisites, and course descriptions.

General Education Guides are available for the following institutions:

Johnson County Community College  

Metropolitan Community College  

State Fair Community College  

CORE 42 Guide for UCM:

CORE 42 at UCM  

Important Transfer Information:

Students who hold an Associate in Arts Degree, an Associate of Arts in Teaching degree, or have met the Missouri 42-hour General Education Core (CORE 42) requirements are considered to have fulfilled all UCM General Education requirements, except specific general education classes required by the major.  Lists of General Education Requirements can be found on The General Education Program page of this catalog.

Upper-level credit is coursework completed at the 3000 and 4000 level. Hours earned as SC or CR credit (AP/CLEP/IB/military credits/work experience/prior learning) do not count towards upper-level credit. Transfer credit will retain the leveling as designated by the original granting institution regardless of whether a UCM equivalent’s leveling is different. All courses taken at a two-year college and any 1000/2000 level courses taken at a four-year institution will not be applicable toward upper-level hour (3000/4000 level) requirements, even if these courses are articulated to upper-level UCM courses or used as substitutions for upper-level UCM courses.

Candidates for a bachelor’s degree must complete a minimum of:

  • 120 total semester hours
  • 30 total semester hours of upper-level credit
  • 12 upper-level hours must be in the major subject

Residence requirements establish a minimum number of credit hours which must be earned from UCM. Online courses and courses which are offered off campus but through UCM do count towards residence hours. Hours earned as SC or CR credit (AP/CLEP/IB/military credits/work experience) do not count towards residence hours.

A candidate for any bachelor’s degree must have earned the following minimum hours in residence at UCM:

  • 30 hours overall
  • 20 upper-level hours (3000/4000 level courses)
  • 15 hours in the major
  • 9 upper-level hours in the major
  • 9 hours in the minor (if applicable)
  • 1 upper-level hour in the minor (if applicable)
  • the last 12 semester hours or any hours during the final semester required for the degree

Missouri Higher Education Civics Achievement Examination Requirement (State Law Requirement, Section 170.013)

Missouri state law requirement, Section 170.013 goes into effect Fall 2019 for students pursuing a degree at any public Missouri institution and requires that all students shall successfully pass an examination on the provisions and principles of American civics with a score of seventy percent or greater as a condition of graduation. The subject matter of the 50 question, multiple-choice test includes the US Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and other areas of government and American history. Students may fulfill this requirement by passing an exam offered in Blackboard or by providing proof on an official transcript of having passed the exam at another Missouri higher education institution. This test is offered online, at no cost.  Students are encouraged to take and pass the test during their first semester at UCM.  The test may be taken any number of times until a passing score of at least 70 percent is earned.  When the test is passed the requirement will show as fulfilled on the Central Degree Audit and a notation will be added to the student’s transcript.  Students who have not passed the exam by the time they have reached 60 credit hours will have a hold on their account and be prevented from enrolling in future coursework until the exam is successfully passed.  Questions about the content of the test may be referred to the School of Social Sciences and Languages (Wood 203, 660-543-8840). Testing information can be obtained by calling the Testing Center at 660-543-4919.