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2020 Undergraduate Catalog 
2020 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

School of Aviation

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The School of Aviation
TR Gaines 210


School of Aviation Statement of Policy

Only courses with a grade of C or better (including transfer courses) may be used to fulfill a major or minor requirement in any program offered by the School of Aviation.

Students pursuing flight training in their program must hold at least a Second (2nd) Class FAA Medical Certificate before any flight operations may commence.

The number of flight slots varies each semester as they are based on the number of available flight instructors - as a result, there may be delays in degree progress.

Students pursuing flight training may request immediate enrollment in subsequent flight courses at any time during a published term if the prerequisite has been satisfactorily completed.

School of Aviation - UCM Flight Fee Schedule

Effective August 14, 2017   
UCM Flight Fee Schedule 

Aircraft Cost - Wet
Intro Flight (30 minutes / 1 hour) Rate includes instructor        $95.00/$190.00
PA-18-150 Super Cub $100.17
BE-23 Musketeer $100.17
Cessna 152 $111.30
Cessna 172 Skyhawk $139.65
Cessna 172R Skyhawk (2000 Model) $157.50
Cessna 172S Skyhawk (G1000 Model) $157.50
Cessna 172 RG Cutlass - Complex $166.95
BE-58 Beechcraft Baron $346.50

 Ground Trainers:

Redbird $67.20               
Frasca $82.00
Glider Orientation Flight (3000 ft. AGL w/instructor) $75.00
Schweizer 2-33 $28.94
Tow Charge (in PA-18-150 Super Cub) $100.00

*Note:  Rates subject to change based upon price and availability of aviation fuel.

School of Aviation - UCM Airplane Flight Course Fees

Effective August 14, 2017   
UCM Airplane Flight Fee Schedule 

Coures Prefix Course Description Estimated Cost
FLYA 1320 Private Flight A $5,676.30
FLYA 1321 Private Flight B $7,184.10
FLYA 2313 Instrument Flight A $2,564.10
FLYA 2314 Instrument Flight B $6,062.70
FLYA 3310 Commercial Flight A $3,738.00
FLYA 3311 Commercial Flight B $3,738.00
FLYA 3312 Commercial Flight C $4,210.50
FLYA 3315 Commercial Flight D - ASEL $4,301.85
FLYA 3316 Commercial Flight E - ASEL $4,003.65
FLYA 3317 Commercial Flight F - ASEL $3,960.60
FLYA 3330 Multi-Engine Add-On $8,400.00
FLYA 3415 Commercial Flight D - AMEL $7,207.20
FLYA 3416 Commercial Flight E - AMEL $7,077.00
FLYA 3417 Commercial Flight F - AMEL $8,593.20
FLYA 3430 Single Engine Add-On $2,205.00
FLYA 3360 Certified Flight Instructor $5,019.00
FLYA 3362 Certified Flight Instructor - Instrument $2,845.50
FLYA 3364 Certified Flight Instructor - Multi-Engine $4,641.00

Jeppesen Lesson Breakdown

Information on the Jeppesen syllabus hours spreadksheet with lesson breakdown can be found at

School of Aviation - Flight Operations Manual

The Flight Operations Manual contains information for students taking courses in the School of Aviation. 




      Flight Courses, Airplane

      Aircraft user charges are based on flying time and vary with the type of aircraft. Advance deposits of $500 or more for each course are required. Contact the Department of Aviation or Chief Flight Instructor for current hourly flight fee rates. Additional federal financial aid may be received by students who incur documented costs for aviation flight training.

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