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2020 Undergraduate Catalog 
2020 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

English, BA (42-303) (120 hours)

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Major, Bachelor of Arts Degree

The graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in English degree will use the knowledge and skills obtained in the program to:

  • Use the methods and techniques of literary study to develop the skills of close reading and literary analysis.

  • Write with clarity, originality, grammatical correctness, proper usage, and logic (demonstrating rhetorical skills necessary for successful communication).

  • Accomplish primary and secondary research, incorporating the results into formal written presentations with an understanding of appropriate critical approaches.

  • Understand the relationship between works of literature and the historical/cultural contexts in which they were written.

  • Demonstrate a knowledge of literary periods, approaches, genres, and major works.

English, BA (42-303) (4 Year Guide)  

Select Literature Track or Creative Writing Track: 30 Semester Hours

Literature Track: 30 Semester Hours

Creative Writing Track: 30 Semester Hours

Select one group of Creative Writing Introductory Courses: 9 Semester Hours

Select either Poetry or Fiction Emphasis Area: 6 Semester Hours

  From this area, students must choose to take the required courses associated with Emphasis A or Emphasis B.

Select One Course from Each of the Five Following Areas: 15 Semester Hours

Minor Requirements: 15-35 Semester Hours

A minor is required for this major. Students completing the Literature Track are ineligible to receive an English Minor. Students completing the Creative Writing Track are ineligible to receive a Creative Writing Minor.

General Education Requirement: 36 Semester Hours

All students must complete a minimum of 42 credit hours in general education. See The General Education Program Requirements  for full listing of requirements. The following general education classes are required by this major:

Modern Language Requirement: 9 Semester Hours

Refer to Bachelor’s Degree Requirements section for fulfillment options.

Free Electives: 1-21 Semester Hours

Minimum Total: 120 Semester Hours

10Competency 10 course

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