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2020 Undergraduate Catalog 
2020 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Transfer Guide SFCC General Education Articulations

The General Education Program Requirements at UCM

The minimum number of required General Education semester credit hours for all students, regardless of their program of study, is 42. Some degree programs may require up to six additional hours of General Education depending on the math, science, and technology courses required.

Courses taken to fulfill General Education requirements may not be taken on the pass/fail basis. Students who have fulfilled all General Education requirements in a specific area may elect to take additional General Education courses as free elective hours in the same area on the pass/fail basis.

Some General Education selections listed on these pages may be limited by major/minor choice. Check the major/minor listing in the catalog for specific General Education requirements within the major/minor.

Students who transfer to UCM with an Associate of Arts or an Associate of Arts in Teaching degree are considered to have all general education requirements met, with the exception of major-required general education courses. Students who transfer with a degree other than an AA or AAT will have all coursework evaluated on a course-by-course basis.

Foundational Skills Areas: 11-12 Semester Hours

Writing I: 3 Semester Hours

Writing II: 3 Semester Hours

Managing Information: 2-3 Semester Hours

Communication: 3 Semester Hours

Knowledge Areas: 28 Semester Hours

Knowledge Area I: 9 Semester Hours

Literature: 3 Semester Hours

Fine Arts: 3 Semester Hours

Additional Course for Knowledge Area I: 3 Semester Hours

Choose one additional course from the Literature or Fine Arts categories above or one course below from Languages or Humanities. 



Knowledge Area II: 10 Semester Hours

Science with a Laboratory: 4 Semester Hours

Mathematics: 3 Semester Hours

Additional Course for Knowledge Area II: 3 Semester Hours

Choose one additional course from the Science with a Laboratory or Mathematics categories above or one course from the following:

  • BIO 103 Human Biology (3) transfers as  
  • BIO 105 Wildlife Conservation (3) transfers as GNED 1915 Transferred Biology without Lab

Knowledge Area III: 9 Semester Hours

United States and Missouri Constitutions Requirement (State Law Requirement, Section 170.011)

Within the nine hours required in Knowledge Area III, all students must select a course which fulfills state law requirement Section 170.011 RSMO Supp (1988). These courses are marked with a “#”. These courses must be taken from institutions in the state of Missouri. Courses from out of state institutions which are articulated or substituted for these courses will not fulfill state law requirement Section 170.011 RSMO Supp (1988). Students who have one of these courses from out of state or who have already fulfilled all nine hours of Knowledge Area III may fulfill this requirement by passing an exam on the constitutions of the United States and of Missouri offered by School of Social Sciences and Languages (Wood 203, 660-543-8840).

Missouri Higher Education Civics Achievement Examination Requirement (State Law Requirement, Section 170.013)

Missouri state law requirement, Section 170.013 goes into effect Fall 2019 for students pursuing a degree at any public Missouri institution and requires that all students shall successfully pass an examination on the provisions and principles of American civics with a score of seventy percent or greater as a condition of graduation. The subject matter of the 50 question, multiple-choice test includes the US Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and other areas of government and American history. Students may fulfill this requirement by passing an exam offered in Blackboard or by providing proof on an official transcript of having passed the exam at another Missouri higher education institution. This test is offered online, at no cost.  Students are encourage to take and pass the test during their first semester at UCM.  The test may be taken any number of times until a passing score of at least 70 percent is earned.  When the test is passed the requirement will show as fulfilled on the Central Degree Audit and a notation will be added to the student’s transcript.  Students who have not passed the exam by the time they have reached 60 credit hours will have a hold on their account and be prevented from enrolling in future coursework until the exam is successfully passed.  Questions about the content of the test may be referred to the School of Social Sciences and Languages (Wood 203, 660-543-8840). Testing information can be obtained by calling the Testing Center at 660-543-4919.

History: 3 Semester Hours

Social/Behavioral Sciences: 3 Semester Hours

Additional Course for Knowledge Area III: 3 Semester Hours

Choose one additional course from either the History or Social/Behavioral Sciences areas above.

Engagement: 3 Semester Hours

General Education Assessment Policy

Assessment is a key process that is used in the academic, administrative, and student support services areas. Because the core purpose of higher education institutions is student learning, assessment at UCM serves three primary purposes: A) improvement of student learning and instruction, B) accomplishment of institutional mission, and C) accountability for achievement of educational goals.

Our university has established a minimum score for the General Education Assessment to ensure critical thinking, reading and writing skills are prevalent as a preparedness check for enrollment in upper-division courses as well as a condition for graduation. Central Missouri wants to ensure that every student who graduates from our institution has a basic set of intellectual and reading skills in those areas defined by employers and educators as deemed necessary for success.

All undergraduate students seeking a degree at The University of Central Missouri; except teacher education majors, RN-BS Nursing majors, and post-baccalaureate students (from UCM and transfer institutions); must, as a condition for graduation:

  • Take the General Education Assessment (GEA), UCM currently utilizes The ETS Proficiency Profile, in the semester after which a total of 60 credit hours have been earned.
  • Pass the GEA by obtaining a minimum score of 425 (based on a scaled score of 400 - 500).

Additional information on the ETS Proficiency Profile may be viewed at

An enrollment hold (TC Hold) will be placed on a student’s account for failing to take the GEA the semester after which a total of 60 credit hours have been earned or for not fulfilling the General Education Assessment Policy.

Students unsuccessful in obtaining the minimum total score of 425 (based on a scaled score of 400 - 500) must complete remediation prior to retaking the GEA as outlined by Testing Services.  After two or more unsuccessful attempts students are required to submit documentation to the Faculty Senate University Assessment Council sub-committee to discuss possible solutions/actions.

Transfer Students and General Education Assessment

Transfer students, with at least 60 credit hours, must test during their first semester at UCM.

Transfer students who have taken the Collegiate Assessment of Academic Proficiency (CAAP), the College-BASE for General Education, ETS Proficiency Profile, or former teacher education majors who have passed the MoGEA, may request Testing Services to review scoring on alternative exams as a substitution for the General Education Assessment Policy.

  • A score report must be sent directly from the testing company or previous institution to the Office of Testing Services. Most institutions require written consent to release a score report.
  • The test must have been taken within the past 10 years.
  • Testing Services staff will review the score reports to determine if they meet UCM’s minimum score requirement on these exams.

General Education Assessment Test Registration

Registration for the GEA is available through  Registration is also available through MyCentral. Click on the “student” tab, then the “Records and Registration” tab, then the “Register for a Test” link located in the “Testing Services” section. Complete the registration process as directed.  See for complete information on the General Education Assessment Policy and requirements.