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2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

International Business, BSBA (46-598) (4 Year Guide)

This guide is valid for this Undergraduate Catalog only and is subject to change. This guide is a recommendation only and your actual program may vary. The time it takes to complete a degree and the sequence in which courses are taken will depend on any credits transferred to UCM and on placement in math and writing. See the current Undergraduate Catalog for a complete listing of academic policies, curriculum, prerequisites, and course descriptions.

Suggested Schedule

Semester Total: 15 Hours

Semester Total: 15 Hours

Sophomore Year - Fall Semester

Semester Total: 15 Hours

Sophomore Year - Spring Semester

Semester Total: 16 Hours

Note: Complete all BSBA Admission requirements.*

Junior Year - Fall Semester

Semester Total: 15 Hours

Junior Year - Spring Semester

Semester Total: 15 Hours

Senior Year - Fall Semester

Semester Total: 15 Hours

Semester Total: 14 Hours

International Business Major, BSBA Degree - 120 Hours

  • * Students in this major must complete eight preadmission courses with a grade of C or higher and must obtain a 2.25 cumulative GPA and a 2.25 in these specific courses, for admission to the degree program. These courses are recommended for completion during the freshman and sophomore years. These courses are indicated with an (*).
  • ** Students must demonstrate proficiency in a single modern foreign language through the level of Intermediate II. Placement into language courses based on high school curriculum and placement test. Students who begin in a level above Elementary I and who earn a grade of C or higher will be awarded validated credit (CR) for lower level language courses.
  • + BADM 1400  (1 hr.) is highly recommended for academic success. BADM 1400  counts as a free choice elective. If chosen, one less hour of free choice electives will be needed later in the plan.
  • ++ Students must complete 6 hours of major electives from the following list: ANTH 3810 , COMM 3340  (will also count in general education - Engagement), GEOG 2212  (will also count in general education - Social/Behavioral Sciences)#, GEOG 3200 , GEOG 3225 , HIST 1402  (will also count in general education - History), HIST 4416 , HIST 4452 , HIST 4463 , HIST 4482 . If students choose COMM 3340  & GEOG 2212  or COMM 3340  & HIST 1402 , 6 hours will overlap with general education requirements. If students choose GEOG 2212  & HIST 1402 , an additional class will still be needed in general education to fulfill the constitutions requirement (see catalog for more details).
  • # The number of free choice electives needed will depend on choices made in the major. If COMM 3340 , GEOG 2212 , and/or HIST 1402  are chosen in the major, those courses may also meet a general education requirement, so 3-6 additional free choice hours will be needed.
  • 10 This course fulfills Competency 10 - Integration in the General Education program. The hours count in the major, not in general education.
  • A 2.25 cumulative GPA is required for graduation in this major.
  • To satisfy the General Education Assessment (GEA) Policy, students must take the GEA after they earn 60 credit hours but before earning 75 credit hours. Transfer students who have more than 60 hours earned should take the exam during their second semester at UCM. Students must achieve a passing score of 425 to meet graduation requirements. Students may register for the GEA through MyCentral. Contact UCM Testing Services (HUM 216, 660-543-4919, testingservices@ucmo.edu) for more information.