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2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Transfer Guide SFCC AAS Engineering Design Tech to UCM BS Design & Drafting Technology

State Fair Community College

The below courses are required for Design & Drafting Technology majors and can be fulfilled at SFCC as part of the AAS requirements. If these courses are not taken at SFCC, they must be completed at UCM. The full list of SFCC AAS requirements can be found in the SFCC catalog.

Students who transfer to UCM with an Associate of Applied Science degree will need to complete the general education program at UCM. See the UCM General Education Requirements section below.

AAS General Education Requirements: 19 Semester Hours

The below courses will be taken as part of the AAS and fulfill UCM general education requirements (listed in parentheses).

AAS Program Requirements: 44 Semester Hours

Program Electives: 9 Semester Hours

Minimum Total Hours Required for SFCC AAS: 63 Semester Hours

*Students must receive a grade of C or better in all required courses with the CADD prefix in order for the course to count toward the major.

UCM BS Design & Drafting Technology

The below list of courses represents the requirements a student will have left to complete after transferring to UCM with an AAS degree in Engineering Design Technology. Any courses listed above not taken at SFCC must be completed as part of BS requirements.

Choose from One of the Four Areas Listed: 12-15 Semester Hours

Area 2 - Architectural/Structural

3 hours can be completed at SFCC using CMGT 3330/CNST 148. Complete 12 more hours.

Area 3 - MEP (Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing) & Industrial Piping Systems

3 hours can be completed at SFCC using CMGT 3330/CNST 148. Complete 12 more hours.

General Education Requirements: 22 Semester Hours

The following General Education  requirements will need to be completed at UCM.

Minimum Total Hours Required for BS: 120 Semester Hours

This guide is based on the UCM 2021 Undergraduate Catalog and is subject to change. This guide is a recommendation only and your actual program may vary. Time to degree completion and course sequencing will depend on any credits transferred to UCM and on planned placement in math, reading, and writing. See the current UCM Undergraduate Catalog and SFCC Course Catalog for a complete listing of academic policies, curriculum, prerequisites, and course descriptions.