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2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog 
2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog

Computer Information Systems, BSBA (46-266) (120 hours)

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Major, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Degree

The graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree in Computer Information Systems will use the knowledge and skills obtained in the program to:

  • Analyze technology-related, business problems and design solutions by applying appropriate analysis processes, methodologies and tools.
  • Design, develop, and maintain application software, to be deployed on various devices, using suitable software engineering and design methodologies, programming languages, and web-development tools commonly adopted by businesses and other organizations.
  • Design, implement and manage enterprise information technology systems and networks supporting mobile computing platforms, web-sites, and servers.
  • Design, develop, and maintain databases using current database management systems.
  • Design user interaction to facilitate the user’s task and experience.
  • Analyze risks and implement security measures for organizational computing environments.
  • Apply project management skills and use project management software when creating a business solution; work collaboratively with others showing leadership, as appropriate.
  • Use productivity software effectively.
  • Communicate effectively in oral and written form; participate fully in group discussion and activities.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of professional and ethical expectations in the work place.

Computer Information Systems, BSBA (46-266) (Area 1: Software Development) (4 Year Guide)  

Computer Information Systems, BSBA (46-266) (Area 2: Cloud Computing, Networking and Security) (4 Year Guide)  

Computer Information Systems, BSBA (46-266) (Area 3: Mobile and Web Development) (4 Year Guide)  

General Education Requirements: 40 Semester Hours

All students must complete a minimum of 42 credit hours in general education. See The General Education Program Requirements  for the full listing of requirements. The following general education courses are required by this major:

Free Electives: 3 Semester Hours

Minimum Total: 120 Semester Hours

*Students expecting to receive the B.S.B.A. degree must meet all preadmission requirements to be admitted to this program. See the Statement of Policy on Admission to a B.S.B.A. degree program. Preadmission courses include: ACCT 1101 , ACCT 2102 , BLAW 2720 , CIS 1600 , ECON 1010 , ECON 1011 , FIN 2801 , and MATH 1111 .

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