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    University of Central Missouri
  Jan 18, 2018
2017 Undergraduate Catalog

Occupational Safety BS / Occupational Safety Management MS Accelerated, BS/MS (43-697) - Option 2 - Safety Management

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NOTE: At the completion of the 140-hour program, and not before, the student will simultaneously earn both a BS in Occupational Safety with a specified Option in Environmental Management, Safety Management, or Occupational Health Management, and an MS in Occupational Safety Management.

UCM students with a declared major in Occupational Safety who have completed SAFE 3430  and SAFE 3120  with a major GPA of at least 3.00 may declare the Accelerated BS/MS major. Degree requirements vary based on the declared option area of the BS Occupational Safety degree. Prior to beginning the graduate portion of the program, student in the accelerated program will need to apply to the UCM Graduate School for formal admittance to the Accelerated BS/MS program. Admission into the Accelerated BS/MS program requires a minimum undergraduate cumulative GPA of 2.50 or higher. Each option and corresponding requirements are listed below.

Occupational Safety Major (Option 2: Safety Management), BS (43-873) (4 Year Guide)  

Option 2 - Safety Management: 15 Sem. Hours

General Education: 42 Sem. Hours

All students must complete a minimum of 42 credits hours in general education.  See The General Education Program Requirements  for full listing of requirements.  Some General Education courses included in the major are used to satisfy General Education requirements, but additional courses within the same General Education categories are not.
The following General Education classes are required in this program:

Graduate Requirements: 27 Semester Hours

Required Core Courses: 21 Sem. Hours

  • SAFE 5010 - Organization, Administration, and Supervision of Safety Programs (3)
  • SAFE 5120 - Principles of Industrial Hygiene (3)
  • SAFE 5430 - Occupational Hazard Management (3)
  • SAFE 5450 - Sustainability and Safety (3)
  • SAFE 5530 - Loss Control and Risk Management (3)
  • SAFE 5940 - Research in Safety Sciences I (3)
  • SAFE 6930 - Research in Safety Sciences II (3)

Approved Graduate Electives: 6 Sem. Hours

  • SAFE 5015 - Emergency Planning and Operations (3)
  • SAFE 5020 - Principles of Industrial Hygiene (3)
  • SAFE 5125 - Advanced Industrial Hygiene (3)
  • SAFE 5170 - Industrial Toxicology (3)
  • SAFE 5180 - Principles of Epidemiology (3)
  • SAFE 5800 - Managing Fire Risk (3)
  • SAFE 6920 - EHS Seminar (3)
  • SAFE 6940 - Internship in Safety Sciences (3)
  • SAFE 6950 - Thesis (3)

Minimum Total: 140 Sem. Hours

* Grade of C or better is required for the course.

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