May 25, 2018  
2017 Undergraduate Catalog 
2017 Undergraduate Catalog

Health Education Minor (BSE) (804)

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Minor, Bachelor of Science in Education Degree

Recommendation for certification to teach health education for grades PK-9 requires 29 semester hours, 30 semester hours for teaching grades 9-12, and 32 semester hours for grades PK-12. The additional classes needed for certification are HLTH 4320 , HLTH 4390 , and health electives. Elementary Education Majors (grades 1-6) may use this as an area of concentration. See Director of Clinical Services and Certification for current requirements.

The student will demonstrate a knowledge and/or competencies in the following areas:

  • The structures, functions, and interrelationships of body systems as they apply to improving and maintaining healthful living.
  • The principles of nutrition and their application to maintaining good health and preventing health problems.
  • The use and abuse of legal and illegal drugs and their effects on the human body and society.
  • The prevention and management of communicable and chronic diseases and related health care.
  • The consumer health issues related to the marketing, selection, and use of health products and services.
  • The attaining and maintaining good mental health and its effects on the health of the body.
  • The dynamics of interpersonal relationships as related to family life, human sexuality, and growth and development.
  • The process of behavior change that favorably affect personal health.
  • The expanded model of the Comprehensive School Health Program and the interrelationships of its components.
  • The basic concepts of injury prevention both intentional and unintentional, first aid, emergency systems, and the effects of trauma.

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