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2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

The Honors College Program

The Honors College at the University of Central Missouri (UCM) is designed to enrich the educational careers of highly motivated, creative, and dynamic undergraduate students on campus. The core mission of The Honors College is to support an inclusive environment that stimulates critical thinking, interdisciplinary problem-solving, and intellectual curiosity. These factors will ultimately cultivate a student and faculty community of forever learners. This charge is in direct congruence with UCM’s larger mission of “disseminating knowledge that transforms students into leaders who possess the aptitudes, skills, and confidence to succeed” & its core values of learning, community, diversity, service, opportunity, and excellence.

In conjunction with the National Collegiate Honors Council guidelines, our mission is accomplished through opportunities available only to Honors College students that are, “measurably broader, deeper, or more complex than comparable learning experiences typically found at institutions of higher education.” Such opportunities include a unique living and learning community that offers hands-on and experiential activities for our students.

Admission Criteria

The Honors College considers applications for admission from qualified high school graduates (minimum ACT score of 25 and a minimum cumulative high school GPA of 3.50), transfer students and current UCM students (minimum cumulative college GPA of 3.50). For students admitted under UCM’s test-optional criteria, the ACT will not be required for entry into the Honors College.  Students interested in learning more about The Honors College are encouraged to visit The Honors College website, where they can apply for entry. Alternatively, prospective students may contact the The Honors College via email.

Features of The Honors College

Among other benefits, students in The Honors College enjoy:

  • Early enrollment privileges as the first students allowed to register for classes
  • Small, honors-only general education course sections and colloquia
  • Honors-only housing, study, and social spaces
  • Up to $2,000 in grants for study abroad and research/creative activities
  • Honors-only events, including professional development and graduate school readiness activities
  • Access to university leadership
  • Honors-only study tours and other experiential-based activities
  • Transcript and graduation recognition

Required Honors Courses

HONR 3000 - Honors Colloquium (2)  

HONR 4000 - Honors Project (4)  

All Honors College students are required to complete HONR 3000  and HONR 4000 . These courses are reserved solely for Honors College students and may count as free choice electives towards the minimum hours for a degree. Not all majors require free choice electives, (see major program for more details). For such majors, these hours will be in addition to minimum degree requirements.

HONR 3000

Honors-only colloquia are taught by our Faculty Fellows, who apply to teach classes that are both interdisciplinary and represent the highest level of engaged learning. Our fellows also are active in their scholarship or creative work, bringing this advanced level of expertise to their classes. Past topics have included Terrorism, Women and Crime, Middle Eastern: Culture and Geopolitics, Forensic Psychology of Witness ID, Shakespeare and Nature, Famous/Infamous Missourians, The Holocaust in the Media and Harry Truman: His Life & Times. Current section descriptions can be accessed on our website.

HONR 4000

The honors project is a capstone research or creative project pursued under the supervision of a UCM faculty advisor as selected by the student. The Honors College is here to support you as you advance through the process and as such, has created several resources to help with your project development. Please access the honors project FAQs available here for more information.

General Education Program Requirements

Students in The Honors College must fulfill the minimum 42 hours (some majors require more) of general education as outlined in the undergraduate catalog.  Honors College students should consult with their UCM Academic Success Advisor prior to selecting courses. Although not required, students will also have access to other honors-designated general education course sections separate from those detailed below. These courses are smaller and more “hands-on.” Faculty apply to teach these honors-only classes and are selected based on the course’s experiential learning components, ability to challenge high achieving students, and appeal to a wide variety of majors. Although contingent on the semester, past offerings have included Advanced Composition, General Psychology, General Sociology, and University Library and Research Skills

There are a few differences in the general education program for students in The Honors College Program.

Writing I and II. Honors College students with an ACT English score of 26 or above are strongly encouraged to enroll in ENGL 1080 . Students who earn a grade of C or higher in ENGL 1080  will be awarded an additional 3 hours of special credit (CR) for ENGL 1020  and will have fulfilled the six hours of writing requirement in the general education unless additional coursework is required by the major. Students who earn a grade of D in ENGL 1080  may either opt to repeat the course or enroll in CTE 3060 /ENGL 1030  to fulfill the six hours of writing requirement in the general education. Students whose major requires CTE 3060  to fulfill the second writing course should not opt to take ENGL 1080 .

Knowledge Area I.  In the regular general education (for non-Honors College students), this area is comprised of nine credit hours: literature, fine arts, and a third choice. Within these nine hours, Honors College students are required to take a literature class and two semesters (6 hours) of a single modern foreign language (placement policy applies). The three extra hours of modern foreign language take the place of the Fine Arts requirement.

Honors Course Substitutions

Each participant in The Honors College will be required to conform to the policy guidelines of The Honors College and the General Education Program. Please be aware that Honors College choices consist of those courses permitted on the major/minor programs or in the General Education Program requirements. In areas where majors require specific general education courses, alternative options may not be selected. (See individual major requirements in the undergraduate catalog). Should a student leave The Honors College Program any prior approved changes in general education will be honored.

The Honors College Retention Policy

To remain in good standing in The Honors College, all Honors College students are required to meet the following requirements:

  • Successfully complete The Honors College Program requirements in accordance with the appropriate Undergraduate Catalog.
  • Maintain an undergraduate overall cumulative GPA of 3.25 or higher.
    • Incoming freshmen entering The Honors College who do not maintain a 3.25 or higher undergraduate overall cumulative GPA after two semesters will be dropped from The Honors College.
    • Transfer and current students entering The Honors College after a minimum of one semester as full-time college students who do not maintain a 3.25 or higher undergraduate overall cumulative GPA will be dropped from The Honors College.
    • Students dropped from The Honors College for not maintaining a 3.25 or higher undergraduate overall cumulative GPA may request reinstatement in The Honors College.
  • Honors College students not currently enrolled at UCM will be dropped from The Honors College. Students studying abroad or otherwise temporarily not enrolled at UCM must notify the office of their plans.
    • Upon returning to UCM, students in good standing may request reinstatement in The Honors College.

For more information contact:

The Honors College
Phone: 660-543-4633
Email: thehonorscollege@ucmo.edu
Website: ucmo.edu/thehonorscollege