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2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog 
2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog

Radiologic Technology, BS (43-609) (127.5 hours)

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Major, Bachelor of Science Degree

The graduate with a Radiologic Technology Major, Bachelor of Science Degree will use the knowledge and skills obtained in the program to:

  • Communicate effectively in oral and written form.
  • Demonstrate mastery of Radiologic Technology by challenging the licensure exam of ARRT (American Registry of Radiologic Technology) after completing a clinical rotation at an affiliated hospital.
  • Students will demonstrate understanding of discipline specific knowledge in biological principles and processes.

Courses in various accredited radiologic technology programs may vary from hospital to hospital.

These courses are part of the Radiologic Technology major required by affiliation agreement for this program. They are not offered on campus or open to students in other programs. Credit for these courses is allowed for work taken at Hillyard Technical Center in St. Joseph and of their associated clinical affiliates. The program is fully accredited by the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology (JRCERT).

Admission and fees for the hospital portions of this program are the prerogative of the hospital and thus cannot be guaranteed by the University. Licensure to practice is dependent upon state regulations and professional examinations and thus cannot be guaranteed by the University or hospital. For additional information on this program and for entry into clinical programs, students are urged to see the program faculty advisor at their earliest convenience. Because of complexities of affiliation agreements and variations in clinical programs, all pertinent information cannot be presented in this catalog.

Admission Policies

  1. At the time of first admission to UCM, a student should indicate/declare the intent to become a Radiologic Technology major. Each declared major is encouraged to visit the program’s advisor each semester.
  2. Students need to have an ACT score of 24 or higher in order to enroll in both MATH 1111  and CHEM 1131  the first semester.
  3. Admission to the B.S. Radiologic Technology program is in addition to university admission. Students will be admitted to the B.S. program once all admission criteria are met. Students are responsible to ensure that they have met all pre-admission criteria and have been officially admitted to the B.S. program. In addition, students will have to apply to the clinical affiliate for admission into the clinical portion of the degree.
  4. Admission forms and additional information are available at ucmo.edu/biology. The student is responsible for submitting all required materials to the School of Natural Sciences in WCM 306.
  5. Application information, and a student’s Central Degree Audit will be reviewed and admission eligibility determined. Students must take a minimum of 30 hours at UCM to be eligible for admission to the RT program.
  6. Admission to the RT program is conditional upon successful completion of a minimum of fifty semester hours, successful completion of all prerequisites necessary for admission to the first semester program and the requirements for admission listed below. Admission to the Radiologic Technology program involves competition between all eligible candidates.
  7. Biology and Agriculture reserves the right to select among all qualified candidates. Students are selected in December for the following Summer/Fall semester RT consideration. Names of students admitted to the program are forwarded to the affiliates for consideration at their programs, assuming the student has also submitted an application with the affiliate, and met the affiliate’s admission requirements.

Admission Criteria to the Radiologic Technology Program

  1. Evidence of good moral character and ethical behavior as determined by JRCERT.org standards on their website, which also parallels the Code of Medical Ethics that medical professionals must follow.
  2. Most science prerequisites (May have 2 maximum remaining to take) must be completed at the time of admission. This includes BIOL 1000 , BIOL 1110 , BIOL 3211 , BIOL 3215 , BIOL 3401 , BIOL 3402 , BIOL 3611 , BIOL 4003 , CHEM 1131 , and PHYS 1101 .
  3. A minimum of a 2.75 cumulative grade-point average is required at the time of application.
  4. Minimum grade of C in all major courses. A student receiving a grade lower than C in any course may repeat that course only one time. If the course was taken at UCM, it must be repeated at UCM.
  5. A student receiving more than two Ds and/or an F in a course or courses with a biology, chemistry, or physics prefix will not be eligible for admission into the program.
  6. Students will not be permitted to withdraw from any required majors course without permission of the School of Natural Sciences. Unexcused Withdrawal (W) from a required program course constitutes withdrawal from the UCM RT program and students must seek a different degree as it would be viewed as unethical (see 1).
  7. ANY outstanding courses required for the degree MUST be taken and completed the Spring semester before clinicals. Enrollment would be blocked for clinical courses and a student would be removed from the program. Substitutions will NOT be given. A student would have to reapply to the UCM RT program, and the affiliate clinical program for the following year.
  8. Students may only re-apply for the competitive admission one time.
  9. Additional considerations will be given to the following:
    Academic history with patterns and trends indicating potential for academic success.
    Number of credit hours taken at The University of Central Missouri.
    Students will be categorized in two classifications for consideration for admission to the RT program:
    1. Students who have taken all Radiologic Technology prerequisite courses at UCM; and
    2. Students who have transferred credit for one or more science prerequisite course(s) from another institution.

Grade point averages are a determining factor in selection.
Additional assessments may be required.

Affiliation Requirements

  1. For admission into an affiliated program, candidates for this degree must maintain a minimum grade-point average (each affiliate establishes their own minimum GPA) based upon courses listed in the program.
  2. Candidates must have a minimum grade of C or better in listed program courses.
  3. Affiliates may require some courses (like College Algebra and Anatomy and Physiology) be completed within a certain timeframe for consideration of clinical application. See the individual affiliates for specifics.
  4. Affiliates require candidates successfully complete a minimum number of shadowing in a diagnostic area of Radiologic Technology. See the individual affiliates for specific shadowing requirements.
  5. Candidates must meet the Skills Standards and other affiliate program requirements listed in their Prospective Student Information Guide for consideration of applications.
  6. Students must meet with a faculty advisor within enrolling in 15 credit hours to obtain specific course information, program and learning assessment goals, and the Prospective Student Information Guide. This helps ensure success in the program.
  7. Students apply to JRCERT affiliated programs for admission. The affiliate selects students for the clinical internship program.

Graduation Policies

  1. Course substitutions for program requirements may be made only by the Radiologic Technology program advisor and school chair.
  2. A student may not graduate with a degree in Radiologic Technology in which the grade of record for any required coursework is an F.
  3. A student must earn a grade no lower than a C in the required courses in order to graduate with a Radiologic Technology degree.
  4. To graduate with a Radiologic Technology degree, a student must obtain at least a 2.75 grade-point average on a 4.00 scale for all credit hours completed at UCM or elsewhere, and attain at least a 2.75 grade-point average for all course work in the major.
  5. Transfer students from other colleges and universities must meet all degree program admission requirements. Transfer students may take appropriate additional course work to fulfill admission requirements. The first clinical year courses do not count as upper level courses.
  6. Students are required to earn at least 50 percent of their required major credit hours for a B.S. degree at UCM.

Transfer of Credit

Transferring of credit is not advised as it will add an additional year onto the program due to residency requirements.

Upper-level (3000/4000) courses cannot generally be transferred from a two-year institution and applied to a B.S. degree. However, the school chair responsible for the UCM course may elect to allow such a transfer for equivalent credit. Before the school chair may accept the transfer course for equivalent credit, the course must be “validated” through an administered examination. Since this program barely meets the minimum requirement for upper-level hours, expect to take more courses to fulfill this requirement.

Upper-level (3000/4000) course work transferred from a four-year institution must be reviewed by the school chair before such work can be applied to a B.S. degree. The school chair may choose to apply the validation requirement to such transfers.

Students who have not enrolled in Radiologic Technology courses for two consecutive pre-clinical semesters will be dropped from the undergraduate program. If students were admitted to the RT program, these students must reapply for admission to the undergraduate program prior to enrollment in any additional courses in Radiologic Technology.

Radiologic Technology, BS (43-609) (4 Year Guide)  


Admission and fees for the affiliate portion of this program are the prerogative of the affiliate and thus cannot be guaranteed by the University. Licensure to practice is dependent upon state regulations and professional examinations and thus cannot be guaranteed by the University or affiliate.

For additional information on this program and for entry into affiliate programs, students are urged to see the program faculty advisor at their earliest convenience. Because of complexities of affiliation agreements and variations in programs, all pertinent information cannot be presented in this catalog.

The last 2 years are clinical rotations spent at the affiliates and their sites. Students are no longer on campus and are not considered UCM students. Affiliation agreements include the 30 hours of transfer credit for each year that articulate to UCM.

Clinical Credits: 30 Semester Hours

Radiologic Technology Special Credit: 30 Semester Hours

It is the student’s responsibility to notify UCM upon completion of the clinical rotations so transfer credit can be posted and the degree can be awarded. A maximum of 10 hours of upper level credit can be awarded for the rotations.

General Education Requirements: 44 Semester Hours

All students must complete a minimum of 42 credit hours in general education. See The General Education Program Requirements  for the full listing of requirements. The following general education courses are required by this major:

Courses require a grade of C or better.

Minimum Total: 127.5 Semester Hours

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