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2017 Undergraduate Catalog 
2017 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Chemistry (43-393) - Option 2 - Chemistry: ACS Certified, BS (4 Year Guide) Begin Odd Numbered Year

This guide is valid for this Undergraduate Catalog only and is subject to change. This guide is a recommendation only and your actual program may vary. The time it takes to complete a degree and the sequence in which courses are taken will depend on any credits transferred to UCM and on placement in math and writing. See the current Undergraduate Catalog for a complete listing of academic policies, curriculum, prerequisites, and course descriptions.

Suggested Schedule

Semester Total: 15-16 Hrs

Semester Total: 16 Hrs

Semester Total: 14-15 Hrs

Semester Total: 15 Hrs

Junior Year - Fall Semester

Semester Total: 13-17 Hrs

Junior Year - Spring Semester

Semester Total: 12-16 Hrs

Senior Year - Fall Semester

Semester Total: 13-15 Hrs

Semester Total: 15-16 Hrs

Chemistry (43-393) - Option 2 - Chemistry: ACS Certified, BS - 120 Hours

* Enrollment in CHEM 1131  and MATH 1151  is dependent upon one or more of the following: math placement level, high school math courses completed, ACT/SAT standardized test scores, and/or a possible mathematics placement examination.