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2017 Undergraduate Catalog 
2017 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of Music


The Department of Music
Utt 111

All programs in the Department of Music have been accredited since 1947 by the National Association of Schools of Music, 11250 Roger Bacon Dr., Suite 21, Reston, VA 20190-5248, phone 703-437-0700, email info@arts-accredit.org.

Department of Music Statement of Policy

Successful completion of an entrance audition and a passing score on the music fundamentals examination are required for admission to all degree programs in the Department of Music. Contact the department for specific requirements.

All music majors, except for the Bachelor of Arts degree, must demonstrate keyboard competency as listed in the degree programs. All students must meet the keyboard competency requirement before being admitted to special methods classes.

Credit for private lessons is based on one lesson per week for each 1-1.5 hours of credit. Upper-level (3000/4000) credit is given only after the sophomore examination is passed. Minimum practice requirement is one hour per day for each 1-1.5 hours of credit.

All students majoring or minoring in music are required to attend a designated number of recitals and concerts given on the campus. Music majors and minors are required to enroll for pass-fail in and to complete satisfactorily the following number of semesters of MUS 1000 , Recital Attendance: music majors on the Bachelor of Arts degree, six semesters; on the B.M. degree, eight semesters (except Option 3 which is seven); on the B.M.E. degree, seven semesters; and music minors, four semesters. Deficiencies in MUS 1000  must be removed before a student may graduate.

Students are encouraged to participate in ensembles to broaden their general musical background and further develop their performance abilities and listening skills. Each degree program includes specific ensemble requirements noted under the course listing for those programs.